Daniel Johnson
Founder, Chairman & Chief Executive Officer
While Dan was a graduate student at Harvard in East Asian Studies and Business Economics, he began working both on the optimal funding problem generally, and how such principles of finance could be applied to the particular problem of finding the best asset mix for use in the informal funding of non-qualified benefit plans in the U.S. After working in the field for several years and becoming frustrated with relatively poor quality of software being used to address this problem, he started AFS in 1984 and began to further develop expertise in this field and in developing the software needed to really deal well with this problem. AFS has subsequently earned well over a hundred million dollars licensing its technology for others to use in the US COLI funding industry, seeing and loading over 350 of the most important COLI products and dealing with more than 35 COLI carriers or product providers over time. In the process, Dan has hired, trained or gotten to know many hundreds of the experts in this business.

In the last ten years or so, as products and techniques have grown ever more complex, Dan has focused his personal efforts on pushing AFS proprietary technology to find optimal funding solutions not only within the COLI world, but also across broad asset classes, developing algorithms that can find the optimal blend of product solutions based on a clients weighted goals and objectives.

Dan has enjoyed being an entrepreneur, and has broad interests ranging across the sciences, music and history, and also has been a long time board member of several alumni organizations.

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